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Happy Women’s Day, Aung San Suu Kyi!

Happy Women’s Day, Aung San Suu Kyi!
By Albertina Soliani

Italian Version


My Dearest Suu, 

wherever you are, under the sky of Burma, Happy 8th March!

They are holding you captive because they are afraid of your freedom.

Can you hear, Suu, the chant of your people?

The voice of the youth, the courage of Mya Thwate Thwate Khaing, killed in Naypyidaw, and of Kyal Sin, killed in Mandalay, died for their free Burma?
For the freedom of their youth, for the freedom of their young Country on the path towards democracy.

Where did they hide you?

They have stolen you from your people and the rest of the world, and they do not know that you dwell in the hearts of your people and of the entire humankind.     

You have been silenced, but your life speaks out loud, your dream of the garden to nurture, the vineyard of Myanmar speaks out loud. 

No one knows where you are on this 8th March. 

We know that you are everywhere, in the streets and squares, wherever your release and that of all the other people arrested is demanded.    

You are in every corner of Burma, on the earth as red as the blood of martyrs, in the outermost villages, in the pagodas where the spirit beseeches peace, along the streets where nuns kneel down in front of the military to stop the violence.       

Perhaps you do not know, Suu, all these things, you do not know about these days when the democratic conscience of Myanmar invades the world.     
You knew, you know that your people are your treasure, the treasure of Myanmar.

Happy 8th March, Suu, with the strength of women. 

We will be back and resume singing with you, do you remember?

“Va’ pensiero… O mia Patria, sì bella e perduta.”

The military, Suu, are not aware that they are holding the freest woman in the world captive.    


Happy Women’s Day, Suu! 
With our embrace.



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