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Gold Medal of Parma’s Sant’Ilario award to Giuseppe Malpeli

The Gold Medal of Sant’Ilario Award 2016 is given in memory of Giuseppe Malpeli. He dedicated his life to the education and care of the relationships with other people: from school children to university students, from teachers to educators, from political dissidents persecuted in Burma to workers in difficulty. His love for Burma led him to meet Aung San Suu Kyi, and to build a friendship that was instrumental to bring the Nobel Prize for Peace to Parma.

Giuseppe has always considered relationships as key in all areas where he worked and it is with this spirit that we are continuing the work he started. We live in an interconnected world and to support the rebuilding of democracy in Burma is one way to strengthen democratic principles here in Parma, in Italy, in Europe. Today the city of Parma has recognized the work of Giuseppe, manufacturer of ties, as Aung San Suu Kyi asked the young people in Parma to do: ” I hope that we shall meet again and again and that the people of Parma and Italy will be able to engage more and more with the people of my Country, and that you will become an example of how two different countries, two different peoples can be such good friends, that we will be living examples of not just “global citizenship”, as they say these days, but of human friendship”.




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