Dearest friends,

It’s Easter time. It’s Easter of resurrection in Myanmar. In few days, on 1 April, for the Buddhist New Year’s Eve, which is celebrated with water, the new government will come into power. It will be composed of 18 members, half of the previous one.

Aung San Suu Kyi will take on the role of Minister in the Cabinet of President U Htin Kyaw, her right-hand man.

She will be governing by the side of the President, in order to lead Myanmar. A wide-ranging political leadership. She will fulfil the role of Minister of Foreign Affairs, of Education, of Energy as well. Three strategic ministries aimed at changing Myanmar and at elevating its role in the world. These are choices that are intended to bring reality as closer as possible to the will of the people. Will they expressed by voting. Will which still is hindered by the Constitution.

The new government is still struggling with the military army in the transition towards democracy. They have still a strong political power, they were bestowed the vicarious vice-presidency, three ministries (Defence, Internal Affairs and Borders), 25 per cent of the parliamentary seats. Nonetheless, we still believe that the road towards change is wide open.

With democracy, without violence. It is a masterpiece.

We have followed this story over these years and feel the strength of intelligence, of spirituality, of sacrifice, as capable of changing history. The people of Myanmar, and above all, Aung San Suu Kyi, have taken seriously the struggle of their country, have dealt with it, together, they have tackled every single challenge, firmly believing in fundamental values such as freedom, democracy, peace. With their lives.

I am thinking about our problems, nowadays. About our tragedies. About the problem of Europe, which once again has failed to take up seriously its faith in the world, its political role today, and this weakness is costing it a high price.

Taking history seriously, taking deeply on their own responsibilities in the world: this is the remarkable lesson taught by Myanmar, after decades of great suffering.

On 6-7 April, our Minister of Foreign Affairs, Paoplo Gentiloni, will head for Rangoon. He will be one of the first to meet Aung San Suu Kyi in her role as governor. Italy is ready to be by their side. In the last few days, with Carlo and Alberto, I have taken part in a workshop at Farnesina about Myanmar. Italy supports the process of democratization: the door capable of opening all the rest. We will keep on being active, by the side of Aung San Suu Kyi and of the people of Myanmar, as we have been doing over the last years. We thoroughly trust them.

Here to us, to Myanmar, to Europe. Happy Easter of Resurrection!

Cardinal Charles Bo, Archbishop of Rangoon, during his Easter homily, says:

“ Easter bursts into as a river along the desert. It is a very special Easter, today, for the people of Myanmar. The river of democracy is slowing seeding its glowing majesty along the desert of despair. Today, we, people of Myanmar, celebrate Easter, with the signs of resurrection all around us. It is the early morning of Easter in Myanmar. Happy Easter.”

With love,

Albertina Soliani

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